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Welcome To The World Of Metabolic Typing

Take the opportunity to find out your Metabolic Type & determine the foods (and correct mix of them) that should help you achieve the health you desire. Its a fun and exciting way of eating and living - and you will still be able to go out and enjoy eating in restaurants.

Metabolic Typing, is much more than the usual kind of diet 'one-size-fits-all' you have  tried before. Rather, Metabolic Typing aims at enabling you to ascertain food types that are most suited to your Metabolic Type - foods that should lead to optimal energy production and health.  For some people, their optimal fuel mixture will be carbohydrate rich, for others protein and fat rich - and for others a balance somewhere between the two. According to MT, each person has different requirements - which a Metabolic Typing analysis can reveal.

Metabolic typing is based on an idea/concept that we are all unique, and that each of our body's require a unique and individualised 'fuel mixture'. You can find out your Metabolic Type by taking an assessment consisting of 120 simple and easy to answer questions. Click here to find out how to take a Metabolic Typing Assessment and find out your Metabolic Type or click here to find out more about Metabolic Typing.

Note: You can take your Metabolic Typing Assessment over the internet - and your consultation (to explain the results) is carried out by telephone - so your geographical location is not an issue.

Please contact us with any questions and/or would like to take the assessment. Please contact via any of the methods listed below or on the contact page.

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